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We will reach students who go unseen, and empower those who feel invisible.

Legacy StuCo is dedicated to empowering students and making sure their voices are heard. Our recent projects are themed around the idea of "seeing ghosts" to make sure that every one of our students feels seen.


Learn more about our projects and how we are making a difference!

Bronco Pantry

Bronco Pantry is Legacy's way to make sure everyone has what they need to succeed. Students are encouraged to donate school supplies, clothes, shoes, canned goods, hygiene items, and more, and those in need can come to the "pantry" to pick up whatever items they need.

Freshman Roundup

Freshman Roundup is an annual event where we introduce the incoming Freshmen to the school and our traditions. Throughout the event, we offer games and icebreakers, personal schedule tours, and a Q&A.

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"Hey You" Posts

"Hey You" posts are our way to reach more students through social media. It is a collection of encouraging quotes and reminders that we create and post to our Instagram stories, each beginning with the words "Hey You".

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Howdy Week

Howdy Week is a tradition we uphold, where for the first week of every school year, Student Council hosts activities and dress up days to welcome our new students and introduce our school's variety of clubs and extracurriculars.


Random Acts of Kindness Week

During Random Acts of Kindness week, students are encouraged to participate in a selection of daily activities and challenges like complimenting a stranger, writing someone a note, holding the door for a stranger, etc. These simple but kind acts are a great way to get students to make friends and encourage a positive student body.


Do Not Open Envelopes

"Do Not Open" envelopes are left around the school, containing an encouraging note inside. Students tend to be curious about the packaging and open the letter, to be surprised with kind words and encouragement.

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